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What is Spring like in The Villages® Community?

What is Spring like in The Villages® Community?

Spring here in The Villages® Community is a beautiful thing. Central Florida weather is pretty much the same all year long. However, it can still become very cold contrary to popular belief. Ever wondered about the average temperatures and what the weather is like during spring Florida's Friendliest Hometown?

Spring lasts from March all the way through May. During these three months, temperatures can reach as low as 50° and as high as 90°. It can actually get pretty cold during spring, so make sure to bring a coat. But, it can also get quite hot, so maybe wear shorts that day. Temperatures change all the time in the Villages, and some days it can feel like winter, or maybe even summer in the middle of spring.

Rainfall is definitely more common in spring than in winter. Although it does not rain nearly as much during the summer, it would be a good thing to have an umbrella with you. Keep one in your car! Make sure to check the weather for the week. Sometimes it might unexpectedly rain! Thankfully, it doesn't rain that that much during spring.

Springtime in The Villages® Community will mostly consist of cool breezy days, maybe even warm breezy days. It’s a beautiful time of year because it’s not too hot or too cold. It feels just right for any outdoor activity!

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